Working with Finbar is nothing short of extraordinary. He's always my first choice whenever my clients need a serious injection of creative energy or innovative insight.
Finbar is a technology rockstar, and problem-solving superstar, as he brings cultural awareness and future thinking to Australia’s biggest organisations. By leading boards towards the best way to embrace digital transformation, manage risk and maintain a competitive edge, he provides the reality check, and the roadmap businesses need to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world.
He brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in Culture, Governance and Technology, from which he has built a powerful strategic framework that combines Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Lateral Thinking.
It has to be seen to be believed, and even then you'll be pinching yourself.
I've watched him apply this framework in real time, solving complex challenges and uncovering opportunities. He has an extraordinary ability to uncover the core insights needed to maintain future growth, adapt to shifting market forces, manage risk and maintain brand equity in an increasingly complex landscape.
Finbar’s ability to question the status quo, identify unforeseen threats and overlooked opportunities—all while working within the highest due diligence frameworks—is a powerful resource for businesses and boards looking to shape the future of their industry.
I highly recommend his genuinely out of the box thinking and creative genius. He's a pleasure to work with and I look forward to our next opportunity to do so.

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Keeva Stratton
Strategic Leader, Futurist, Media and Brand Expert
Feb 14 2023

"It was an easy decision to invest in Fin and the 6 week Innovation Accelerator after experiencing the 3 hour Innovation workshop. Fin opened my mind to the true application of innovation and I quickly realised what I thought was innovation and what true innovation is....are two different things. I quickly realised I was thinking inside of a box even though I felt I was being 'innovative'. 
I applied the work with Fin to a little product I had developed. I 'thought' I knew what to do with this product...but after our first session...my whole concept morphed into something far more potent and compelling. 
By week 2 I felt like my brain had rewired in ways far beyond my expectations. The work with Fin was so powerful so quickly I have developed not only a whole new way of seeing and selling my product, I have experienced an expansion of mind and I clearly understand how to validate my product, the problem and the solution in ways I could never have known otherwise. 
The best bit, and this was something I didn't know I would get, is this process can be applied to many areas of life. 
The overall outcome is I now have a method of thinking, validating, communicating and creating. My confidence in what I am doing and how I am doing it has soared.
Fin always showed up with so much passion and content for each session. He goes above and beyond for his clients. It is extraordinary just to witness the genius he is through the practice of this work. He practices what he teaches and is the essence of true mastery in this field. 
If you want the cutting edge, if you want a 'no-fail' system that allows you to confidently innovate, validate and deliver with profound results, this program is essential. I wish I had known about this 15 years ago! 

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Sommer Louise Bentley
CEO Bioscapes
May 27 2022

I’ve worked with Finbar extensively who is both a close friend and trusted board member of our EvolvingPlanet7.org and ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org organization and major supporter of our global PeaceSongAwards.org contest. Finbar is a good person of extreme integrity and honor. If he commits his support you can count on his word and his ever present generosity. He is a great musician of pure heart and a person of wise counsel. He is a brilliant out-of-the-box thinking marketing and creative strategist. If there was one word I would use to describe Finbar it would be...genius.

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Steve Robertson
Founder/CEO Project Peace on Earth (USA)
July 17 2020

Finbar is beyond talented. He is a technologist, a visionary and an incredibly strategic thinker. I worked in the senior management group at Guvera alongside Finbar and the platform he built as CTO was simply remarkable. He turned what was initially a demonstration beta to a fully functional technology in a very short period of time and built an exceptional technology team. Finbar is one of these guys that just knows what needs to be achieved and makes it happen. His problem solving skills are second to none both from a technical and operational perspective and I was proud to work with Fin and learned a great deal myself along the way. Thank you.

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Dan Thompson
CEO Channel Wireless
Dec 9 2010

‘Having known Finbar for over 15 years and forming a strong bond during this time, I cannot stress enough the value he brings to a project (and to life itself). Being involved in numerous commercial projects & start-ups, Finbar is always my first point of call for sanity-checking and trusted advisory across technology, governance, commercialisation and patentability. His approach, knowledge and execution across the board is truly something to behold… and fun, too. I am lucky to know him.”

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Kev Rowlands
CEO Inkpay
May 1 2023