WTF Welcome to Finland Ep1 Preview
Episode 1 of Welcome to Finland. Shot in front of a live audience at Revolver Upstairs Melbourne Australia.
Welcome to Finland is a show dedicated to showcasing the Creatives, the outliers, the misfits, so as to get an understanding of how creativity and the creative mind can bring value to a world increasingly underpinned by artificial intelligence. A show where Art intersects business and innovation. Driven by some of the worlds best creative innovators. Episode 1 Features Ahmet Zappa, Joe Sumner, Pearl Thompson, Zvi Belling and Leigh Kelson.

WTF Trailer - "A Whole new Mind"

With the rise of artificial Intelligence also comes the rise of the creative thinker.Welcome to Finland is a show about the future.
A punk rock perspective on innovation shot in front of a Live Audience at Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne Australia.
It's time to get to the source, demystify the buzzwords, and hear information that is immediately applicable to everyone's lives without the technical sounding explanations..
We need to learn how to dream and imagine again and to connect to our lives purpose, in order to have machines and intelligence work for us.
On this show you will connect with creative innovators, the misfits or misunderstood, the rebels, the creative minds, the ones who have seen a vision, and made that vision a reality, often against the odds.
I want to extract the story behind the story, so we can all, try to uncover ways to empower our lives and thrive into the future.
Human Capability - The Pathway to Accelerating Innovation

Innovation. To many it’s a scary word… something misunderstood… something that adds risk and cost… something that only creative types do… a token checkbox that allows shareholders to believe a company has a handle on its future, whilst it measures it’s past. As Innovation Professionals, we all know the challenges involved in getting people and organizations who don’t understand Innovation aligned to driving Applied Innovation throughout their organization. It can be a frustrating journey.So how do we remove these challenges? How do we innovate the acceptance – and acceleration – of Innovation?
TEDx The Complexity of Simplicity
Most individuals have been conditioned to attach value to complexity, however value is often at its greatest when things are at its simplest. How do we get back to simple I a complex world? Watch my Tedx talk to hear my story.

Life is really simple but we insist making it complicated:


Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful:

John Maeda
Michael McGlynn's
Let's do another take EP12
In today's episode of the podcast I spoke with Finbar O'Hanlon - an amazing guitarist, composer, futurist, technical innovator, public speaker and deep thinker. We chatted about his approach to creativity, the future of music, the future of technology, the rise of ai and so much more. Enjoy my chat with the fascinating and insightful Finbar O'Hanlon!
Bytesize Innovation - What does a Chief Innovation Officer do?
From a series of Bytesize Innovation Videos available on my YouTube channel.

The Chief Innovation Officers Role is to
  • Establish and drive the structures, processes, procedures, roles, etc. required to transform the organisation into a productive “engine of innovation”.
  • Oversee the Innovation Management System… a dragnet to capture new ideas, a funnel to evaluate them, and a pipeline to mature them
  • Nurture and protect any homeless ideas that, that just may become the foundation for the future of the business.