Finbar O’Hanlon lives, breathes and sees the future. More importantly, he creates technology today that empowers tomorrow…and tomorrow is now.

As the man who’s being called “the Rockstar of Technology” by the media, Finbar orchestrated his remarkably varied experiences in advanced technology and entertainment to provide the game-changing digital content delivery enabling technology called Linius.

The combination of his adventurous, engaging personality together with his vast experiences as an artist in spotlight and technologist behind the scenes has tuned and driven Finbar to introduce products to the world that bring about connection between people and the ever expanding world of creative content… thus opening new pathways for business and global monetization.

Career Summary

  1. Over 20 years experience in Development of IT and media entertainment systems
  1. Specialist in Convergence of Media appliances and Digital Media Convergance
  2. Product Inventor and Patent Holder “Method of Content Delivery” in 8 Countries
  3. Global experience in delivering technical IP based Video and Audio systems.
  4. Global experience in Content acquisition
  5. Globally accomplished musician, clinician and music educator